Still plodding along.

Before Rosh Hashanah I got my 1.5 stone award. Only took me a year! Then went back to weigh on this Sunday morning and had gained 3.5 lbs. I’m completely off the rails. Been eating cake and chocolate like it’s going out of fashion.

Saying that though my yom tov meals are fairly healthy but I’m just eating loads of junk and not counting it.

I just wish I could just buckle down and lose all the weight at once and then only have to maintain it. It is so hard to prioritise myself when looking after 3 little children, on lack of sleep, messy house… I know it is just excuses.

I shouldn’t feel so sorry for myself but I do. I know I have so much brocha in my life. I could just do with some time off, especially around all these yom tovim. I’m longing for routine.