1. I will be healthier
I will be at less risk of diseases such as diabetes, cancer, heart disease
I will be a better role model for my sons and daughter.
I will feel more beautiful
I will be able to buy clothes that I like
I will be able to buy clothes in normal shops
I could borrow clothes from my friends or relatives
I would fit on chairs more comfortably
I would feel more confident in social situations
I would like what I look like
I wouldn’t have a double chin
I wouldn’t feel self conscious about eating in public because the thought that people are judging me
I wouldn’t be the fat one
I would look good in photos
I could dress fashionably
I would look my age instead of older
I would have more energy
I would have more energy to play with my children
I would have more energy to spend with my husband
I would have more energy to deal with housework
I would feel proud of myself
I would not feel disgusted with myself
I wouldn’t worry that on a rollercoaster the seatbelt might not go round me
I would fit into my chair without touching the person next to me
My legs wouldn’t rub together
I could buy clothes in a small or medium and not large and extra large
People would admire me for having lost weight
My family would be proud of my achievement
I would see the results of having stuck to my plan
I could have my success story plastered on the magazine and website

I wouldn’t have a horrible extra tyre of fat around my tummy, and everywhere else
I could buy new clothes
I would set a good example to my children for how to have a healthy life style.
If I met up with people I hadn’t seen in a while, they would be wowed.
I would be fulfilling the mitzvah of taking care of your health.

If I were to be pregnant again, I wouldn’t l wouldn’t have such difficulty buying clothes, plus size maternity doesn’t exist. I would be reducing my chance of gestational diabetes recurring also.