I am tired
I can’t be bothered
I don’t care
I like the taste of the food
I like the texture of the food when inn eating it
I am sad
I am angry
I am lonely
I don’t have time to make healthy food
I don’t value myself
There isn’t healthy food available
I think other things are more important
Routine is disrupted
Other people are eating and I don’t want to stand out
I’m in a rush
I’m hungry
I’m given food as gifts and it seems rude not to eat it
The food is there
I don’t see the success in my healthy eating plan
I worry I’ll miss out
I’m tired
I’m bored
It’s sociable
I want to treat myself
I want to prove that you can have nosh and still lose weight, which is nonsense
I haven’t planned ahead so am hungry without healthy food available
I’m just taking care of others at the expense of taking care of myself