Breakfast I was running late so I put porridge in a bowl with banana and took it with me to eat in the waiting room while R had a hospital appointment.


Was quite proud of that.

Lunch I made a delicious dish which onion, yellow courgetti (do you see a theme here) and left over beef from yom tov. Was really good.


I then walked to collect H from nursery. Didn’t exactly pace it out, took 18 minutes to get there (have previously done it in 15), and with him on way back, 35. But I could really feel in my body that I hadn’t moved in a long time. Felt very stiff at the beginning of the walk.  Was really pleased I did, because it was a beautiful day and it was good to get back into walking.  At one point I was doing it every day, but then life became too busy and the weather turned cold.

I noticed this little flower


Which I thought was just so pretty.  It was growing just at the side of the pavement. Teeny tiny thing, but very delicate.

Supper was a bit unexciting. After a slight mishap, ended up with a tuna and pickle sandwich, which filled a space.

As snacks I had a cashew nakd bar and two plain yogurts with canderel.

Not a particularly exciting day but kept within my calories and even did a tiny bit of exercise.