I was very in control last night. Kept well in my allowance on Friday.

Today went to a kiddush and didn’t eat anything.

We went out for lunch also and I knew there would be healthy options 🙂 chose well at the table. I had lots of deconstructed sushi salad though and I didn’t realise quite how calorific it was until I just put it in the app.  That took me way over my allowance.  😦 But I did do my best. Everyone seems to be on a post pesach being back on the straight and narrow at the moment. I just hope I can keep it going long enough to see a real change.

I think I can feel pleased with how I did today, I could have easily eaten thousands more calories today and I didn’t. However my general feeling is that even though I did make those good choices, they aren’t enough for me to actually lose weight, so was it worth it?