I started writing this post and then it vanished so I will try again.

Today I have tried hard to prioritise myself. That meant making myself the healthy breakfast I wanted.


It meant that after making sure that everyone got to school/work/nursery safely, on time and with whatever they were supposed to have, I visited a friend who had recently had a baby and invited me round. Then I went to my Pilates class that I haven’t been to since before Pesach. My back felt so much better for it.

Then after Pilates, I quickly fitted in a trip to the butcher and instead of clearing up this hideous mess.


I made myself this fabulous lunch with leftover salmon from last night’s supper.


I go to a support group for mothers with children with special needs and often people bring nosh to share. I, 1) decided to go to the group which I haven’t been to in a while but I get a tremendous amount of support from and 2) cut up some watermelon to take with to share.

Because I ate the yummy cold watermelon I didn’t feel the need to snack on anything else.

With this supper, my day is complete, and with calories spare.