How pretty was my breakfast? Porridge with dried apricots and banana. Took no extra time to put the banana on like that instead of just dumping it. Ok, maybe a few seconds but it didn’t make us late.

As always, success is primarily due to prioritising myself and good planning. And so this morning I went to my Pilates class.

I then made myself a lunch to take with the support group I go to on a Thursday, (for mothers of children with special needs). A wrap filled with salmon in Nando’s lime and mango sauce and romaine lettuce. It was as very delicious and filling as it sounds. Plus a banana.

Because it didn’t qualify as real food, I resisted the animal biscuits that little H had bought with my Dad the previous day. If I hadn’t been focused I could have easily eaten several handfuls of them. Instead I shared some dried mango with the kids. 

My hands look so dirty in those pictures! It’s because I did 15 minutes of gardening and the soil just gets stuck even after scrubbing!

Earlier in the day on my way to Pilates I was tempted to eat some rice cakes that were in the car, but I wasn’t sure they counted as real food. I think they could, if they had a topping but just on their own…..?

On return home while making kids supper I ate two carrots and a few new potatoes.

Chicken breast and grilled peppers.

 I love this Nando’s sauce. I found it in the supermarket excitingly with a hechsher on it (KLBD).

A really good focused day.