Have stayed focused despite the usual hectic Erev Shabbos preparations.


I feel so special having such a pretty breakfast even if I have to wolf it down in 2 minutes having dressed and prepared breakfast for 3 little people first.

While cooking for Shabbos I had a kiwi and then at about 11 was hit by hunger and had this wrap

(Filled with lettuce and Turkey slices)

I had to stop myself from eating all the beetroot I’ve cooked for tomorrow. I just love roasted beetroot.

I also had some simple boiled babycorns, something I used to eat masses of when I lost weight last time with Slimming World.

I’m not sure why I’ve suddenly got this blue background or how to get rid of it. Curious said Alice.

Any who, collected H from nursery at 12 and took him to visit his new nursery for September. Treated myself to some sushi as by 3 I was waning. Yum.

There’s more for Shabbos.

My Shabbos planned menu is,


Challah (bought from Bread in Temple Fortune)

Rice, braised beef in cider and onions, broccoli (which I spent a very long time checking this morning, I think next time I will forget the extra expense I buy the pre checked again!)

I don’t plan for dessert tonight. When it is just us I feel no pressure to, and the kids will be fast asleep.



Cheekful of grape juice (minimum amount required for kiddush)

A bowl of cereal and fruit, 

Kids have a little shabbos party of lots of nosh after breakfast on shabbos. I have purposely bought things that I don’t especially like in the hope I won’t be tempted. 



Starter of salmon with roasted peppers


Roast chicken (oh that reminds me, I ate a chicken wing after coming back from school pick up, just to make sure it was good. Ooooh, it was delicious, hot, fresh roast chicken is my favourite all time food
Roast new potatoes (in spray oil)

A green salad of some variety, I bought some mixed greens and with the beetroot, that will be good.

I’ll also cut cucumber and put out baby plum tomatoes and olives, maybe also pickles for the kids.


Ice cream (which is a really awful parev – non dairy – that doesn’t tempt me at all)

Watermelon and pineapple and blueberries
Seuda shlishis 

More salad and salmon probably and challah obviously

Fruit as above

Ok, I’ve hidden away long enough to write this post but I have to actually get back to real life now.

I imagine that having written down what I plan to have will be really motivating to actually stick to it. I’ll report back.

Good shabbos