​ So how did I do? Mostly kept to what I planned with just a few additions. The motivation knowing that I planned to report back here and would hopefully get some praise (please comment below) helped me enormously to stay on track and not eat what I shouldn’t.  Also having written down what I planned wss v helpful. Let’s review, here was my planned food.

Friday night:

Challah (bought from Bread in Temple Fortune)  –

Husband bought the most delicious seeded black bread, I tried not to go overboard with it

Rice, braised beef in cider and onions, broccoli –

 The beef was AMAZING.  Soft, juicy, full of flavour, and so easy to make.

Shabbos day


Cheekful of grape juice (minimum amount required for kiddush)

A bowl of cereal and fruit, 

Kids have a little shabbos party of lots of nosh after breakfast on shabbos. I have purposely bought things that I don’t especially like in the hope I won’t be tempted. 

I had a bowl of raisin wheats with dried apricots and banana. Tried to really fill up on the healthy stuff. While kids were noshing I didn’t totally resist, but basically was good.  I had a few dried strawberries (which are real food) but I also had a small ramekin of popcorners (these triangle shaped corn thin crisps things – 130kcal/100g. I also had a caramel cappuccino Greek yoghurt


Starter of salmon with roasted peppers

Even though I’d mentioned it, I forgot to write that I’d also planned sushi. Also had baby corns and pickles. By the end of starter I was completely full. I really didn’t need to eat anything else but because of social convention there was a next course and I felt the need to eat more. I should have stopped there but I didn’t want to be different. I wonder how I could deal with that better next time?


Roast chicken
Roast new potatoes (in spray oil)

A green salad of some variety, I bought some mixed greens and with the beetroot, that will be good.

I’ll also cut cucumber and put out baby plum tomatoes and olives, maybe also pickles for the kids.

In an attempt not to eat much I just took the wings ate maybe 2 new potatoes and some salad. But I ate more chicken than at all necessary just because it was yummy, maybe 4-5 wings.


Ice cream (which is a really awful parev – non dairy – that doesn’t tempt me at all)

Watermelon and pineapple and blueberries

I didn’t have anything for dessert, I was stuffed

Additional snacks – at one point we had various of the neighbour’s kids round playing and my husband decided to offer everyone ice cream cones. I had one also which was a conscious decision because I knew that if I didn’t have one when everyone else was, later, when kids were asleep I’d feel the need to assuage the feeling of deprivation with far more. So I had a cone with a sugar free coconut chocolate ice cream in it, and it was lovely sitting in the garden on a sunny day eating it while the kids played nicely.

Seuda shlishis 

More salad and salmon probably and challah obviously

Fruit as above

Unexpected guests came and I accidentally gave them our last challah so I took another out of the freezer and borrowed matzah from next door. So I had half a sheet of matzah and some challah. Made myself a really great salad with mixed greens, beetroot , babycorn, burger gherkins, a chicken thigh, sunflower seeds.  Blueberries in alpro blueberry yoghurt for dessert. Yummee.

Because I ate filling food and because I knew I was planning to report back here I was really motivated to not overeat.
My old slimming world consultant used to have a thing he used to say about goals. He said that when you’ve got a goal it needs to be right there in front of your eyes and not far away, because when there is a food right in front of you, the goal is far away then the food is going to be harder to resist. (It was quite visual but I hope I’ve given it over in a way that makes sense). This shabbos my goal was totally related to reporting back on this blog and so I didn’t do my usual noshing either in the morning during shabbos party time or in the evening when the kids went to sleep. So please like this post and comment below in support! Thanks!