A high protein breakfast! 3 scrambled eggs and plain Greek yoghurt with canderel. I actually enjoyed that yoghurt more than the flavoured one and it is far less calories (180 compared to 100 or so).

My lovely husband requested a soup for lunch so…

Carrot, Swede and lentil with a small amount of couscous. Just what you need on a hot summer day. 😉  followed by pineapple.

This afternoon my children’s school had a fun day with rides and games. Traditional good fun, very well run and organised. As I wrote below, I resisted all the popcorn and candy floss. I did pinch 2 of my son’s chips, much to his chagrin. They were really not delicious! Cold and soggy.

When we got home my tummy was rumbling and we were all very hot and tired and thirsty. After a big drink, I wasn’t as hungry any more, which is really interesting to note. I did have a left over boiled egg while making supper me and LH (lovely husband).

A leftovers salad – mixed greens, rice, beef, sunflower seeds (my new favorite addition to salads).

Enhanced by these two recent finds


(Bought on half price offer!)

I don’t think the oil did much for the flavour but overall it was a good meal. Followed by watermelon which was really cool and refreshing.