I decided to walk down to collect my son from nursery. It is about 12-15 minutes walk and at one point I had been doing it on a regular basis, maybe 3/5 days a week, but then one thing led to another and I’ve totally got out of the habit. I wss umming and ahhing and then read a blog about trying to work in more steps and I thought, “Right! No excuses!” It was beautiful weather too. I actually didn’t walk back though because I needed to be back in time for my cleaner and a friend kindly gave us a lift back. But I’m glad I did have that little walk.

Over the afternoon I snacked on pinhole and dried mango.

Supper was a vegetable laden chicken stir fry.

 And then after supper I had fun doing some weeding and planting. I love getting out in the garden, I have a post percolating in my mind about the many analogies between gardening and weight loss. There are just so many lessons one can take. Another day.