I had started writing this and then it vanished so hopefully second time well work better!

Everyone was very tired and took a long time getting ready, so I only had time for yoghurt before going to school. I think I prefer the other flavours.

However once I got back, even though I had a lot to do I made sure to sit down and eat a bowl of cereal. Not much, but keeps me running.

We were very low on fresh fruit and veg so I was pleased once my Sainsbury’s delivery arrived and I very much enjoyed a packet of lychees. I haven’t had them in ages and they are just so summery. Sweet, juicy, YUM!!!  I was thinking of trying to plant the stones. I wonder if they grow in England?

They are so pretty!

I am finding that with this new way of eating, I am genuinely physically hungry when mealtimes arrive. Lunch was this fabulous salad. Mixed greens, sweetcorn, avocado, mushrooms, a bit of feta I find at the back of the fridge topped it off beautifully.

I still find it strange to get my head around that by choice, and with no-one forcing my hand, I chose to have a lunch like that, and that I like eating salads and healthy food. Let me repeat that.


or Simcha can be found in salad. 😉

Just a little footnote as I know there are several non Jewish people who are reading this now. My name Simcha means happiness or joy. Therefore the name of the blog means Slimming with Joy/Happiness. I thought I’d just clarify. If there are any other words I use which aren’t clear, feel free to ask me, as I tend to throw in various Hebrew/Yiddish words into my general speech without thinking too hard about it.