A nice sweet breakfast of porridge with dried apricots and cranberries.

Out and about after Tescos and before Toys R Us, lunch on the go. I had about half the hummus. To be honest, I feel over full and shouldn’t have eaten the whole packet of turkey.

Throughout the afternoon I’ve been imagining supper. I picked up a loaf of bread and it is fresh and soft and just must be a part of supper! I’m imagining toast with avocado and fried onions, and perhaps poached or fried ducks eggs…. Oh that sounds so good… I opened baked beans for M for her toast for supper, maybe I’ll have some beans. To be continued…..

A little while later….

Not the best photo but I couldn’t wait to gobble it all up. It was exactly what I wanted. 

These are the eggs

A bit creamier than regular eggs, but definitely a treat at that price (£2.50/6!!).

What I noticed, making this supper is that I reduced the portion size that I would have previously made as when I was imagining it I thought to myself that I would be stuffed silly. I used half the avocado and only one egg. My initial idea would have involved the whole avocado and two eggs, and maybe some cheese also. But with this quantity of food I am nicely full.

Mid afternoon I also had a Sharon fruit. Watch this space for my Sharon fruit related post… Provisional title “Return of the Sharon Fruit” or possibly “A Sharon Fruit Never Gives Up”.