Today is my older son R’s 9th birthday! I haven’t made him a cake for today, he’s taken into school stuff and my younger son H had made biscuits with my Dad yesterday so they were with breakfast! After my porridge, I shared one with my husband and very nice they were too. (Thanks Daddy 🙂 )

Because it is Rosh Chodesh today, my kids take in a nosh to school for snack time. As I was sorting them out, several biscuits in the packet crumbled. In the past, this would have been reason enough to eat the broken ones, but I didn’t today. Success!

 For lunch, I had this urge to add cumin to my tuna sandwich. It really worked! Yum! And what could be better than sitting in the garden to enjoy it?

I was going to follow it up with a Vanilla Greek Yogurt but sadly it has gone off when I opened it. 😦 So an Alpro Peach/Pear one instead which is actually about half the calories, a quarter the price and was also very nice.
As afternoon went on, I snacked quite a bit, a box of raisins, a small piece of some sort of dried fruit puree thing in a new health food shop in Golders Green, a banana. When kids were having supper, I was just so hungry, I also had a plate of pasta and cheese with them. Felt like I was slipping a bit. 

So for supper I kept it simple

I’d found that after meals I’ve felt a bit like “That wasn’t quite enough”, and then I have a big orange squash (my cups are about half a litre) and I find that that fills the gap. I have this image in my head of a jar filled with stones or sand and when you pour in water, it totally fills in the spaces. I’m sure you’ve heard this analogy before? Usually used with regard to priorities or time management, but it works equally well with filling the tum up!