Firstly I want to thank anyone who has liked or commented on my posts. I’m finding it really encouraging and motivating to know that there are actually real people out there who think what I’m doing is good, and are returning to see how I’m doing. Thanks so much!

So enough gushing and onwards.

Thursday is my Pilates class. Before going I had two small bananas and an alpro yoghurt. (I only took a photo of one, but the second one looked very similar).

Unfortunately the class was cancelled at the very last minute because the teacher was unwell (I wish her a refuah shelema). So instead I went to the butcher and bought meat for Shabbos and then went home and tackled the kitchen.  I find that having my kitchen messy and out of control is one of the biggest impediments to my weight loss. It is just so much easier to make something healthy when the counters and sinks are clear and vice versa. 
So I turned this horrible chaos

Into this slightly less chaotic version. 

It’s not perfect but it is far more useable. In the course of doing so, I found a piece of cake my son had kindly saved for me from his cake at school yesterday. I threw it in the bin! Go me!

I quickly threw together a wrap for lunch at my support group for parents of Special needs children. Used the last piece of salmon from last night’s supper, some mixed baby green leaves (I just love them) and a bit of balsamic vinaigrette. I was really hungry by the time I ate it and only remembered to photo it just before it was finished. The bite marks just add authenticity.

I snacked on some prunes in the car on the way home from school with the kids. I only recently discovered prunes and they are just so delicious. If it wasn’t for the associated potential side effects I could eat so many of them!

Supper was hugely assisted by the pre-spiralized veg available from Tescos. This stir fry

Courgetti, boodles (what a ridiculous word! Butternut squash to you and me) and Turkey mince with some soy sauce, rice vinegar, sesame oil, ginger.

Yum yum.

It’s been so lovely and hot here for the last few days. I find it so much easier to eat properly when it is hot, lighter food just seems more appealing, and I automatically drink more too.  Quite tired though so hopefully an early night. Everything is always easier with more sleep.