Breakfast, porridge, dried apricots, banana

Mid morning while shabbos cooking 2 medium boiled eggs

I also sampled a roast potato, carrot, beetroot and a very controlled teaspoon of cake mixture for R’s birthday cake (party on Sunday). 

 As the roast potato was so delicious I decided to have a potato for lunch with mozzarella and sweetcorn. Wss eaten quite early and rushed before collecting from nursery.

H and I shared a tiny cupcake. And it was very pleasant, which I’m glad because it is what the birthday cake will taste like.

After doing some shabbos shopping I wss beginning to wane so had a few slices of this cheese along with a banana.

So what is the plan for Shabbos?


Bought challah

Beef in cider and sage (hopefully just as delicious as last week) with roast potatoes and carrots



Small amount of grape juice

Cereal, dried and fresh fruit, plain yoghurt with sweetener


Starter, Challa, hummus, smoked salmon, eggs (maybe made into egg mayo)

Main, Turkey leg,  salad with beetroot and roasted peppers, pasta (still need to cook the pasta)

Dessert, pineapple, watermelon, cupcakes for children (and Husband if he wants)

Seuda shlishis

Matzah, cottage cheese, salad, carrots, smoked salmon