So what was the plan for Shabbos and how did I do?

Friday Night Tonight

Before Shabbos came in, I had another boiled egg. and possibly some prunes,

Bought challah – Some wholemeal challah not eaten to excess

Beef in cider and sage (hopefully just as delicious as last week) with roast potatoes and carrots – It was very good and I ate a sensible sized portion and enjoyed it.

Shabbos Day


Small amount of grape juice – Yup

Cereal, dried and fresh fruit, plain yoghurt with sweetener – I had a bowl of raisin wheats left to go soggy, just as I like them, with a Greek plain yoghurt with sweetener, and a sharon fruit.  I also had a few spoons of the children’s Honey Loops and a few crisps.


Starter, Challa, hummus, smoked salmon, eggs (maybe made into egg mayo) – I didn’t have any hummus, but did have challah, smoked salmon, eggs, and pesto

Main, Turkey leg,  salad with beetroot and roasted peppers, pasta – I didn’t have any pasta, and saved the roasted peppers for later.  Added avocado to the salad.  I wasn’t really hungry by this point as the starter was the size of my normal lunches.  So I took a smaller plate than usual and just had a small bit of salad and a small slice of turkey.  I was actually really proud of this.

Dessert, pineapple, watermelon, cupcakes for children (and Husband if he wants) – I couldn’t be bothered to cut up the fruit and was totally not hungry so didn’t have any dessert.

Snacks – I hadn’t planned for any snacks, but after dropping off to sleep in the armchair after lunch for a few minutes I had one of the cupcakes.  They were very nice, and not very big. I also had a few blueberries from the garden. I also had some prunes.

Seuda shlishis

Matzah, cottage cheese, salad, carrots, smoked salmon – This was totally different from what I planned.  I did have a little matzah and some challah but then made myself a wrap with salad, avocado, roasted peppers, beetroot and turkey.  Was really good!

Reading what I ate, it doesn’t sound out of control but I think because I ate the crisps and cupcake I feel like I cheated from my plan of only eating real food and not nosh. 😦