I remembered I had some raisins yesterday that I didn’t log.

Breakfast – 2 weetabix and milk

I had a meeting with one of my children’s teachers this morning. After that I went to try and buy some better tops for exercising in. 

I may expand upon this experience….Maybe in a separate post. Suffice it to say, I am happy to report that I bought three modest and lightweight t shirts! Hurrah! Result!

When I came home I was famished and had been fantasizing about a massive massive plate of food. To satisfy that I made a salad from as many different shabbos leftovers I could! Mixed baby greens, beetroot, roasted peppers, turkey, pickles. The pickles were a mistake and I left them to one side but the rest was gorgeous. I was also incredibly thirsty as I hadn’t drunk anything all morning so I made myself a jug of squash with my lunch, as I knew that once I’d sat down I wouldn’t want to get up again to make a second drink. Doesn’t this look so civilized?

Afternoon snacks – banana, 2 fruit ryvitas (no not rabbits predictive text! Yuk!) with hummus, a weigh2go sushi wrap which was a rather odd taste combination, kind of like a giant spring roll and not unpleasant, just odd.

It’s been really hot and I couldn’t decide what to make for supper. I knew it needed to be fairly light and full of water. I was struck by inspiration to use some spinach noodles, add a bit of pesto and some broccoli on the top.  It was still warm and light enough to have it outside in the garden. Just perfect! Really hit the spot.