Despite gaining I am carrying on with my plan. I feel fitter and emotionally more balanced eating and exercising like this. I hope that in time, results will show in the weight loss department too. Thank you for all your supportive comments, I really appreciate them.

Breakfast – porridge made with vanilla soya milk and a banana

Had an active morning, did some gardening, planted out some sunflowers and courgettes which were both desperately trying to escape the little pots they were in.

And then did my hour Zumba/aerobics class! Felt very good! 

I hadn’t planned to be out for lunch but a friend invited me and H back for a playdate after nursery and so she kindly gave me lunch as I hadn’t eaten yet. We used to go to Slimming World together and is a very supportive friend. I wss given free range to eat what I wanted and so decided on a sandwich. White bread! What a surprise to be given white bread for my sandwich. It is filled with some smoked salmon spread, cucumber and pickles. Along with two small clementines it actually filled me up.

Snacks over the afternoon – mango (while cutting up for kids snacks for way home), a few, maybe 4 breadsticks in car on way home, boiled carrots and potato with kids supper plus a very small piece of salmon (H doesn’t really do protein so much).

I was rushing to go out this evening and I made myself a salmon salad pesto wrap. 

I went to a concert of a singer/song writer called Miriam Israeli, in aid of a local girls’ school. It was really a fabulous evening, she is incredibly talented and at the end she had us all up and dancing for a few songs. It was a really excellent evening. In between the songs she told us about her life and she told an inspiring story which I hope to put in a different post tomorrow.

Night night.