Although I’m officially weighing myself once a week, I actually obsessively do so daily. And this morning was lower than yesterday, so that’s good isn’t it?

I didn’t fancy cereal for breakfast today.

Banana, plain yoghurt and peanut butter. Oh so decadent.

When I was a little girl, I went through a phase where all I would eat was meatballs. I do still love meatballs and having made a big batch today I had some for lunch. I used a microwave bag to steam the babycorn, which is really quick and effective and doesn’t mean any washing up. 

I was too full afterwards.

In the car on way home from school I nearly ate flatbreads but instead had a banana.

For supper I had intended to have meatballs, spaghetti and babycorn but inadvertently cooked the spaghetti in a milky pot. Since the meatballs were cold in the fridge by this point I decided to instead cook some fresh salmon. Together with a bit of cottage cheese, avocado, pesto and babycorn, a really scrummy meal was born.

I’d like to digress into some thoughts I’ve been realising about portion sizes. When I was doing Slimming World (i.e. The last 16 years) I totally bought into the concept of free food and ate enormous amounts of food. This was encouraged under the system. When I tried calorie counting with MyFitnessPal it really opened my eyes to what a regular portion of things like chicken, rice, pasta and fruit actually is. But I found eating those quantities really hard as they seemed so tiny.

The last fortnight I have found myself reducing my portion sizes unintentionally. I have intentionally used a smaller plate, but I’ve been finding that smaller amounts of food are actually filling me up, and as such when I’m preparing a meal, I am actually starting to reduce the amount of food I start off with. Today is a perfect example. At lunchtime, in my gleeful happiness of having meatballs, I put loads on my plate, maybe 8 medium meatballs, having already eaten a few straight from the pan. I made a whole pack of babycorn and after my meal I was actually uncomfortably full and feeling a bit sluggish.

Tonight, I put what seemed like a small amount of spaghetti on my plate, then I added perhaps a fifth of the pot of cottage cheese (in SW I’d have had at least half the pot if not all of it – only half a syn per 100g after all), I cut myself a piece of salmon and then cut it in half before putting it on my plate, I only had a few babycorns as my token vegetable. I only had half the avocado. As I was putting the meal together, I was actually thinking it liked like a lot and that I may not even finish it, and if I didn’t finish it that it was ok to stop. 

In the end I did finish it but I probably could have left a fifth and been full. I just really like freshly cooked salmon and I wanted to enjoy the texture and taste some more.

This is very surreal for me, very very surreal. To be satisfied with such small portions.

Also, today I didn’t do any exercise and I’m actually missing it. Who has taken over my mind? This is so not me!!!

Has anyone else experienced this bizarre brain takeover? What about portion sizes changing?

Thanks for reading and comments and likes, they are really encouraging me.