Last night I went to the most fabulous show. Miriam Israeli is a song writer and has written some of the most well known songs in the Jewish music world at the moment.  She spoke about how she ended up doing this and sang many of her songs. She was such an excellent performer and very inspiring. I’d like to share just one story she told, which I found really inspiring.

It isn’t about her and the details are a little vague, but it is apparently a true story.

A violinist came to audition to learn with one of the world’s leading violinists.  After he played, the top violinist told him that he had great talent and he played really well. The man auditioning (let’s call him Freddy just to simplify telling it over), so Freddy said to Mr World Famous, “Do you think it is worth my while to pursue a career as a violinist?”

Mr WF looked at him, and said, “No, I don’t.”

So Freddy went off and did something else, became some sort of professional. Years later, they met up again. Mr WF remembered Freddy immediately, “Oh yes, you were so talented, such a good violinist.”

So Freddy asked, “So why did you say I shouldn’t pursue it?”

Mr WF responded, “You asked if it was worth your while. If you have to ask if it is worth your would you don’t have the passion for it and so it isn’t for you.

But if you have a passion for it, you don’t ask if it is worth it, you just go for it.”

Whatever the goals are in our lives that we are trying to achieve, if we are truly passionate about them, we can go for them and achieve them. May we all have hatzlocha (success) in maintaining the passion necessary to take the steps necessary for achieving our goals.