When I went to sleep last night, my plan for today was as follows. Take everyone to school and work, then visit a friend who has recently had her second set of twins and give her a hand for an hour or so, Pilates was cancelled so I thought I’d do some aerobics at home, a bit of Shabbos cooking or making birthday cakes for the next batch of celebrations, in the afternoon go to my support group, collect the kids from school, bedtime etc.

As they say, man plans….

Instead, I was woken up at 5 am by my car alarm going off and the sound of a motor bike loudly zooming off. Lovely Husband had a look outside but couldn’t see anything so figured that maybe it bumped the car. Then at 7 am I received a phone call from the Police that someone had found the contents of my wallet scattered a couple of miles from my house. On closer inspection, my car window was smashed. 

I accidentally must have left my handbag in the car when coming in with everyone and everything yesterday. The morning was instead taken up with police visits, phone calls to the insurance company, about two hours of hoovering the car (it is now ever so clean!) My Mum came over and was wonderful, (as always). A very discombobulating day.  I consider myself very fortunate though. There were apparently 6 other thefts last night in my immediate area including one of my neighbour’s cars. His tallis and tefilin were in the car and they are really upset about it. By the end of the day I have had my bag and wallet returned to me, the only things missing are my debit and credit cards, everything else was there.  
I know I shouldn’t have left my bag in the car, but even so, that doesn’t give someone permission to steal it! 

Considering all this, my food has still been really good. 
This morning, I really didn’t feel like eating anything, but then H didn’t want to eat more than one spoon of his porridge so I had it.

I also had a banana and a clementine. I wasn’t really hungry for them but just felt the need to eat if that makes sense.

For lunch I bought a piece of chicken and some cooked root vegetables from the deli down the road (I had another chicken leg as well as the thigh pictured). I wanted to have something proper for lunch but didn’t have the wherewithal to make anything.

I snacked on prunes.

When my Mum took H to buy tape to cover the gaping hole in the car (hopefully getting fixed tomorrow morning), I made M’s birthday cupcakes for her birthday party this Sunday. Batter was sampled in good measure.

After the kids had their supper, I ate three chicken rings and a smiley face from their leftovers. 

I don’t really feel like making supper. But I am hungry. My Lovely Husband has just gone out to shul for maariv and shiur. Not sure what to make. I don’t know if I can be bothered to make anything much. Maybe toast or something. Dunno. Suggestions?