A very quick round up of the day as it is nearly Shabbos.

It’s my birthday! Happy 33rd birthday to me!

Breakfast – porridge, dried apricots, banana

Lunch – cold leftover bol from last night. Yummy!

Snacks – lots of prunes, nibbled on shabbos food, bit of chicken, roar roast potato, carrot, roasted cherry tomatoes (which were unbelievable, just a shpritz of oregano Olive oil!)

The children had made me a birthday treat entitled  “Birthday crunch”, ingredients, chocolate, biscuits, butter, raisins.  I couldn’t not have any. It was very rich and decadent but I could swiftly feel that it affected my mood. I started snapping at everyone and feeling anxious….

Plan for Shabbos,

Tonight, roast chicken, carrot, courgette, potatoes


Cereal and fruit for breakfast, I don’t want any more of my birthday crunch, I don’t want to be moody. Greek yoghurt


Sushi platter! (My birthday treat)

Chicken, salad, sweetcorn salad


I’m not sure what the rest of the day will hold. This morning the window of my car got sorted but it really set me back in cooking. I only went to the butcher after collecting H from nursery today. 

I did do lots of walking though as the car was out of action, walked H down to nursery (and then walked back), I got a lift down to collect him but then walked back with him. 

Chaos is breaking out around me so I’d better try and calm the troops “where is my scoooooter?” “I hurt myself on my bed” you get the picture!

Good shabbos