So let’s look at my plan and what actually happened

Plan for Shabbos,

Tonight, roast chicken, carrot, courgette, potatoes

So I didn’t have challah, I had matzah instead which is a very quick way to save several hundred calories. We ate really late (about 10pm) because R&H were up. I hate eating that late. I did have otherwise as planned.


Cereal and fruit for breakfast, I don’t want any more of my birthday crunch, I don’t want to be moody. Greek yoghurt

My darling almost 6 year old daughter M woke up in a huff. This didn’t really abate all day. I had grape juice mixed with a Muscat wine that Lovely Husband had bought for me for kiddush.  I don’t usually have wine first thing in the morning! Then raisin wheats, a variety sized box of rice crispies, plain Greek yoghurt with a heaped teaspoon of brown sugar as we were out of sweetener. Not the best breakfast really.

The kids then wanted the birthday crunch and I did have some more despite having planned not to. Ho hum.


Sushi platter! (My birthday treat)

Chicken, salad, sweetcorn salad


Ok lunch went a bit weirdly and this caused a bit of a downfall.

Again, I had matzah but also some challah. The sushi was really great. Then everyone sort of left the table, H feel asleep, M in her huffiness wss sent to bed although she didn’t sleep. R retreated into a book (as is his usual state) and no-one (except me) seemed hungry for main course. So we didn’t have it, and just benched. But I was annoyed because of the difficulty involved in actually having produced the meal and then it didn’t get eaten. And also I hadn’t totally filled up on sushi, but I didn’t want to be the only one having it. 

Later in the afternoon I had a Smooze when everyone else was (frozen coconut and mango sorbet, only about 70 kcal, and then I ate half a chocolate cupcake, only half because it wasn’t that nice. I feel like I had something else but I can’t remember, so maybe I didn’t. Maybe it was just the mood I was in.

I’m not sure what the rest of the day will hold.  How true!

So, for shalosh seudos we had the chicken and salad planned for earlier. 

Later I had some more sushi. 

Maybe it wasn’t such a terrible day. It felt like it just went wrong, and I had things I shouldn’t have. Maybe I’ve forgotten something. Or maybe just having had the things which I hadn’t planned for has made me feel like I’m off track a bit. 


The birthday celebrations continue today. Not mine of course, once you are a Mummy, your birthday is not really such an event! This morning I am writing this while at soft play with M and 3 friends. Afterwards I am taking her out for lunch before going to my Grandma for tea where there will be additional cakes for H (whose English birthday falls this week – the Hebrew date isn’t til later in August), my Mum and my niece. It really is birthday month in our family. 

I made an effort to make sure I ate breakfast this morning while icing cakes, preparing party bags, wrapping presents, buying last minute supplies. It was just 2 weetabix and milk which is why I am hungry and I ate one of these with the girls.

It’s like a kosher twix, followed by two biscuits.

I didn’t bring with anything sensible for me to eat and I am genuinely hungry after my small breakfast. I plan to have something super healthy wherever we end up for lunch. Possibly Kanteen in Brent Cross.

Today is just really hectic and there is too much rubbish around me right now.

Nearly time to leave soft play, the girls have had a good workout at least, all hot and sweaty even if no exercise for me! And M seems happy, which was the aim.

Quick update of lunch photo