No-one could accuse my Grandma of under catering. Bridge rolls, crudites, bamba, cream cakes, 2 birthday cakes, ice cream cones, fruit….

I had carrots, several bridge rolls with egg and tuna and smoked salmon, a little of each of the cakes, mango, watermelon, no ice cream.  It’s been nearly 30°C here which is unheard of. The kids are now in bed and I treated myself one of M’s birthday cupcakes (Chocolate cake with strawberry icing). I also finished off the last few bits of sushi.

Many many thanks to Anonymous Mann (who is a female friend) for her encouraging texts this evening which has made me get off the couch and throw this salad together before collapsing back into it.

I feel like I’ve fallen off plan with all the rubbish I’ve eaten today.