Despite feeling down about the long term results of what I’m doing. I’ve had such an on track day. I feel like I’ve been angelic. Please praise me below! It’s been over 30°C here which for London is absolutely scorching!


Porridge made with almond milk, Sharon fruit

Lunch – salad – spinach, hearts of Palm, babycorn, microwaved poached eggs – one duck, one chicken, low fat balsamic vinaigrette

Snacks- a banana, 6 prunes, one ryvita fruit crunch with hummus

Supper – wholemeal wrap, spinach, salmon cooked in a nando sauce and pesto

I didn’t do any exercise, I could have walked to get H but I didn’t. I was too hot and I had been doing other things so I wasn’t ready to leave on time.

But food was really really good. I feel pleased with how today went. If only every day could be like today.