The scales this morning showed 2 weeks of really hard work and effort undone in two days of really not even having that much extra, when I think about what I can consume. This has basically been my pattern for the last few years. Be really focused for 2, 3 maybe 4 weeks. Then have a gain, then focus again. I have lost the same 4lbs so many times. It is really demoralising. I feel like even though I want to lose the weight, it isn’t actually truly going to happen. I’m going to keep plodding on, but will I actually ever lose big? I wish I could have a daily personal trainer and chef. And housekeeper. And nanny.  And driver. Then I could just focus on losing weight. But it seems like an impossible target to achieve.

That doesn’t mean that I’m off the rails today. For breakfast I had porridge made with almond milk (instead of full fat) and a sharon fruit.  This is a more real picture of what my table looks like when I eat, not having doctored it for the photo! There just wasn’t time this morning. My kids are so ready for not having to get up early in the summer holidays. Only problem is, still two more weeks of school and getting up and out!