When I woke up this morning it was already so sweltering, I decided that I just couldn’t bring myself to have porridge. So had weetabix with almond milk instead.

A friend asked me if I find it easier to diet when it’s hot. And grumpyrabbit in a comment to my despondent post also discussed the difference between healthy eating and dieting. So first off, I don’t like to think of what I’m doing as dieting. Dieting to me means deprivation and being miserable. Now, that might not be what it means to you, and that’s great! There is no one right way to doing things. For me, I can’t live like that. If I were to lose 1-2 lbs per week on a consistent basis it would take me about a year and a half to lose the weight. I know I can’t do it in a very restricted dieting way. However, if I make lifestyle changes which means that I am eating healthy food, in smaller quantities and increasing my level of activity then surely I will lose weight. And if I don’t, I’ll still be healthier than if I didn’t. But I do hope I will lose weight this way. It does make sense.

So secondly, is it easier to diet/keep to a healthy eating plan when it is hot? Totally! I don’t feel like eating much at all, and what I do want to eat is light things which are full of water.
This was my lunch – breadsticks, cottage cheese and pickles. Followed by frozen grapes.

Frozen fruit is THE BEST!!!

I had a few bananas and grapes that were almost past it. I was reading this blog suggesting making banana and fig ice cream and it reminded me how amazing frozen bananas are. I sliced up 4 bananas and about half a punnet of grapes and popped them in the freezer. Such a decadent tasting treat, but it is just fruit.

I bought the kids ice lollies (Rowntree fruit pastille) to have after school. I decided to have one also because they came in a box of 4 and I thought it would probably be melted by the time we got home. It was only 54kcal , and I ate it so fast I got brain freeze. I’d forgotten how painful it is! I didn’t want to drive eating an ice lolly though. Probably not the safest!

Having given the kids sandwiches for supper, a tuna sandwich sounded great to me too. 

As well as tuna (about a quarter of a tin), light mayo, there’s some burger gherkins, carrot and rocket. I really like carrots in sandwiches. I peel the carrot and then just keep peeling to get thin strips.

I followed it up with some frozen banana.

Looking back at my day’s food, if I had been told on a diet sheet that this would be my day’s food plan and allowance, I would have thought, “That’s no way enough.”  But because it is me making the decision to eat this way, it has been enough. Very interesting. And even just writing this has made me think about eating something else, am I hungry still? Not really.