H has finished nursery for the summer as of yesterday at 10.30 am. I will therefore have his help making Shabbos today. 🙂 The others finish school next Thursday. So today was a little taster of what the summer could be like, and frankly I am practically and emotionally unprepared! He’s at a camp next week so I really hope I’ll get the chance to get my head in gear at the beginning of next week.

Given this anticipated difficult day I fueled up well for breakfast, 40g fruit n fibre with almond milk and a banana.

Morning snack – very small amount of dried mango with H.

Lunch- 2 boiled eggs, pasta, sweetcorn. Carrot, plain Greek yoghurt with sweetener.

My plan for Shabbos is to try and watch my portion sizes, especially with chicken.
Shabbos plan, Friday night

Chicken with butternut squash and chantennay carrots (Boruch Hashem for frozen vegetables), rice with pine nuts


Chicken, pasta, salad

With H off today, I don’t have time to think too hard about my plans, just need to get everything done in time while assuring his safety, and hopefully happiness too. I’m sure I’ll eat something else before supper but probably won’t have told to blog it.  Sunday is a fast day, so that should be easy with regard to food!

Good shabbos