Accountability. This blog is all about accountability,

So this is what I’ve eaten in the meantime since I wrote.

Lots of the delicious fattening rice that cooked under the chicken, finished off the chicken my kids didn’t want (half a thigh and half a leg), some carrots and butternut squash, and I made some chocolate biscuits last minute for a Sholom Zochor tonight. And ate one, just to make sure they were nice as I made up the recipe. The mixture was also nice. Gargh! I’m incorrigible! I am only going to have one thigh or leg tonight and try not to have too much rice to make up for it.

Recipe for last minute Sholom Zochor chocolate biscuits!

125g/5oz hard margarine 

Melt this in the microwave in the mixing bowl.


5oz soft brown sugar

5oz self raising flour

Splash of vanilla extract

2oz cocoa

Mix it all together with a spoon. Roll into balls, pop in the oven at about 180°C. Cook them until they look done. Try and let them cool before taking them off as they are really soft otherwise.