Having said that I was only going to have one thigh on Friday night, that’s what I did. Along with a portion of rice and lots of butternut squash and carrots. And of course a small piece of chollah.

Shabbos day

Breakfast- small cheekful of grape juice (minimum amount for kiddush)

2 weetabix and almond milk

Plain Greek yoghurt with sweetener

Lunch – chollah, salad made from spinach, mushroom, sweetcorn, chicken, avocado. Some pasta.

One biscuit and some sugar free chocolate coconut icecream for dessert, sadly the watermelon was past its best.

Shalosh seudos was basically a repeat of lunch but no pasta

Snack after kids bedtime, a packet of popcorners.

Because today (Sunday) is a fast day, I made sure to hydrate myself well and drank loads of orange squash and water all day.

3am I had a banana pre fast starting