Happy Birthday to my little girl M who is 6 today! Much celebration and pink was in order!

So after having 2 weetabix and mixture of almond milk (which finished) and oat milk, surrounded by pink and presents, we had birthday cake for breakfast. As you do. A Victoria sponge, sandwiched together with strawberry jam and squirty cream and topped with more jam and cream and pink sprinkles. 

Note the pink and presents. She is a very fortunate little girl.
After taking all to school, work and summer camp I decided to go for a walk around a local park. I was thinking of maybe doing some sort of exercise at home but I knew that if I got home, I’d be sucked into housework and before I knew it the morning would be gone.

This park is tiny, you can see the houses on either side of it very easily, but it is so pretty. It has a small lake/large pond. I decided I would walk round it 3 times. This took me about 25 minutes (it really isn’t big!) At the end I treated myself by sitting by the lake for 10 minutes just watching the birds.  It was a lovely thing to do though, I never go to the park without my children and it was interesting watching the different people I passed, the mother singing “Old MacDonald” to her children on the swings (I wanted to tell her I thought she was such a good Mummy), the man walking his dog who wished me “good morning” with a smile, the Grandparents being overly cautious with their grandchildren, a lady on her own feeding the birds, a couple of joggers. I wonder what people thought of me. Religious fat lady on her way somewhere?  Religious fat lady waking very slowly but clearly trying to exercise? Bored housewife with nothing better to do with her time than sit and watch the birds? Or they probably didn’t give me a second thought! It doesn’t bother me, it’s just of interest how I am so quick to categorise and judge the people I saw, I wonder what I look like from the outside. 

Given that the school holidays start soon, I need to try and do some things soley for me to build up my reserves. Hence the walk.

Some photos from my walk

By 11 I was getting very tempted by the cake, and even picked a little bit of a piece leftover from breakfast. I pulled myself together and instead made myself a salad. Spinach, red chard,a chicken leg, boiled egg, sunflower seeds, cranberries. (Still surrounded by pink!)

Followed by a packet of dried mango

Snacks later in the afternoon – Sharon fruit, a few turkey slices, a banana, and then in the car home with the birthday girl a biscuit.

I then ate scrambled egg leftover from children’s supper.

Supper was absolutely delicious. I fried an onion, a red onion, a sweet potato, a courgette and had half (Lovely Husband does need to eat after all!) Topped with a small sprinkling of mozzarella cheese. Really stunning.

I decided to have it in a bowl rather than plate so it looked like a larger portion than it was. It really was sufficient to fill me up. Doesn’t look like much.

So there you have it. I did have some indulgences today, but I don’t think it was so terrible.