For some reason everyone got ready really quickly this morning so I had time for a breakfast of choice rather than convenience.

Yum. Beans on toast. Simple. Delicious.

I also had time to prepare my lunch. Tuesday is my Zumba class day. Afterwards it is always a bit of rush to shower and eat before collecting H. So having made my lunch before I left the house this morning gave me few extra minutes later. So much weight loss success comes down to preparation.

Chicken (one thigh) sandwich on granary, with rocket, carrot and burger gherkins.

Before I went to Zumba I had a banana and a toffee yoghurt. Zumba was lots of fun as usual, this may be the last week I can go for a while though because of the summer holidays. I am half considering taking M with me one week if I can get rid of the other two, but it would probably be a bit long for her to deal with. I’m going to miss it and worry that after a day of looking after children I won’t find the energy to exercise at home in the evenings. Time will tell.

For lunch, I had my sandwich but was still hungry so ate another chicken leg and some more gherkins.

Pre collecting R&M I had three rice cakes with peanut butter on them. One was a bit dry so I added slices of banana on the other two. I intentionally used a small plate and started with two, but then had an additional one.

After school things started going a bit downhill. M was very tired and I picked at their supper (couscous, veggie hot dogs – only one mini one), green beans. When the tantrum started in full swing, I saw a packet of wafers left out from birthday celebrations and ate 3 of them. Why? It’s not like it’ll stop the tantrum. But I felt like I needed to have something nice for myself. Only 170kCal but not necessary. I threw away the packet with the last one in it. Hurrah for me small successes!

Then the kids were having a piece of M’s birthday cake after their supper and I had a sliver also.

In penance, I decided to try and just have green beans and peas, and put a sweet and sour sauce on top. I used this recipe as my inspiration but made rather a lot of changes! I used orange juice instead of pineapple, potato flour instead of corn, the brown sugar weighed 67g, vinegar was rice vinegar. Also the potato flour kind of overflowed, so unsure of exact quantity used. Lovely Husband always laughs when I say I’ve followed a recipe. I tend to think of recipes as a sort of inspiration, a suggestion of the sort of way of how to approach something.

I probably had at maximum a quarter of this quantity.

It wasn’t amazing, but it filled the gap. It was too sweet not enough sour. It is quite magical though how the sauce all of a sudden thickened up, just at the point when I was wondering if I wasn’t doing it properly.

On a different note, as a new blogger I find the stats page provided by WordPress really interesting, especially when it tells me where geographically readers are. (I know where you live….) Apparently, I’ve had visitors from the UK (unsurprising) but also USA, Canada, India, Vietnam, Australia and the one that surprised me most “Palestinian Territories”. I’m not getting into any kind of political discussion here. I’m just curious, if you are the reader it has picked up, whether WordPress recognises Israel or not, or if it in fact someone from an area under Palestinian jurisdiction.  Everyone is welcome on my blog, as this is all about the food and the weight loss and nothing else! I’m just curious!

Thanks for all your likes and comments, I find them really helpful! Keep ’em coming, and I hope to post a weight loss tomorrow morning…..