I was really chuffed to have had a good loss this week. To have lost 3lbs can’t just have been the fast day. It shows that this method of eating real food and increasing my exercise is enough to lose weight without driving myself crazy.

Breakfast – fruit and fibre with plain Greek yoghurt

Morning snack, 3/4 tiny avocado (less than palm of my hand) – part had gone bad, hence not all. Vanilla yoghurt.


Baked sweet potato with Chafeecottage cheese, gherkins, and carrot. When I did SW this was a really standard lunch for me, except I would have had about double the cottage cheese and half the carrots. I took my bigger plate, (mainly because I can reach the shelf easier) and it looked like so much less for than it was. I automatically at the end wanted to eat something else. But I didn’t. I had two drinks instead (my trusty orange squash – oh what would I do without you?).

When I went to Sainsburys today they had a whole load of kosher meat at reduced prices (use by date today). So picked up a few things, I figure I can always freeze it.  I did however cook some rolled Turkey breast, just a sprinkling of garlic powder and rosemary. When it was done, I did indulge in a few thick slices. It was really good. There’s something about any freshly cooked protein, when it is “just” cooked. I had maybe quarter of what is pictured.

Additional afternoon snacks – A couple of breadsticks eaten mindlessly, a banana

H made cupcakes at his summer camp and proudly brought home two to share. After school I cut each in half and M &H shared one and I shared with R, intentionally gave him a bigger half than me (oh the mathematician within me is arguing already with that sentence). It was way way too sweet for my liking, but he was so proud of them.

Lovely Husband rarely has to work late, I am very fortunate in that regard. This evening he has to though, and won’t be back until very late. 

M usually goes to bed much earlier than R.  H is very variable depending on whether he sleeps in the day or not. Today he did sleep, so after M’s bedtime but way before R&H  I sorted myself out with supper.  I had made some roasted peppers earlier in the day which despite looking completely charred (I thought they were ruined) with some rice, sweetcorn and turkey made a very respectable supper. I watched the boys on the trampoline while eating. Very civilised.

Once everyone was in bed, I was inspired by kelmalley at paperandpencil to have some watermelon. 

A really good in control day, I feel. Tomorrow Pilates is back on after a few weeks off and I’m so looking forward to it. And then at 1pm tomorrow, The Summer Holidays Begin….