Firstly, I’m quite stunned that I’m up to day 30. And the scales this morning showed numbers I haven’t seen in a while. Amazing that I’ve been keeping to it, but today has been difficult.

It’s the first proper day of holiday for R&M along with Erev Shabbos! H slept badly last so I am really tired today. Add to that that the other two were up very early, excited that it is the holidays. H at a morning camp, thank G-d! It is really hard to do anything with him around. This morning’s fun included him drawing on himself and the wall in M’s room and tipping out a container of Hama beads. Argh.
Breakfast was short and simple, weetabix with almond milk and raisins.

Morning snack, mango and passion fruit yoghurt and a banana

My parents came over and with everyone’s various dietary requirements and fussiness I still made myself a healthy lunch and I think four different versions lunch. I’m so grateful that they came as it meant I could get most of the shabbos cooking done while they were here and r&m were having a good time with them.

Mixed greens, gherkins, sweetcorn, lamb

Later that day….Six year old tantrums. Urgh. I will not elaborate. An alpro yoghurt and a ryvita crunch.

I decided it would be a good opportunity to bring out M’s birthday cake. We all (me included) had a small piece (Victoria sponge with jam and cream). Then when clearing out the fridge I came across some biscuits.

There used to be two…..

H is being very very challenging today. Actually so is M. 

Ho hum. I’m sure the sugary food I ate this afternoon is making me more ratty dealing with them.

Shabbos menu plan


Home made wholemeal challah (made with children today)

Stewed beef (with onion in a sauce made of lager and oat milk) and rice. I still haven’t made a proper vegetable, inn going there is a bag of cauliflower in the freezer.



Cereal and yoghurt


Salmon starter, 

Chicken, spaghetti, salad
Shalosh seudos – hmm haven’t really thought about it, hopefully salad and chicken leftovers

A friend is making a sholom Zochor tonight. I really want to make oatmeal cookies to send. But I knew I’ll eat some of them, and the dough if I do. Difficult decision to make.

Thanks for all your lovely comments and for clicking the like button and for following me.  It is really helpful.

Good shabbos all.