I’m not sure how I think I did this shabbos. At mealtimes I loaded my plate with half veg mostly but I did also indulge.

Friday night

Challah, beef, rice, cauliflower – I ate too large a portion of beef because it was so yummy. I need to stop at future after the first portion.

No dessert

Shabbos day


Cheekful of grape juice

Weetabix and almond milk

Plain Greek yoghurt and sweetener (eaten while kids ate their nosh)


Challa, Half a piece of salmon

Just one chicken leg, salad (mixed greens, mushroom, roasted pepper), spaghetti

Two lemon shortbread biscuits

Afternoon snacks

A bag of popcorners, a banana, prunes

Shalosh seudos

2 pieces of matzah with some beef leftovers and mixed greens inside

Having looked over what I ate, it doesn’t look so terrible. Only because I ate the biscuits and popcorners that I feel like I wasn’t so on track.  Maybe I need to make a lower calorie dessert if I know I’m actually going to eat it. In the past when I’ve made things like courgette cake (which is so delicious) the kids revolted after a while….Maybe meringue. Or stewed fruit. Any suggestions? Portion sizes in general were actually very on track.

Today will be an outing day… More later.