I’m exhausted after a successful outing to the London Wetlands Centre (where we have an annual membership). I probably was walking for at least 3 hours. Not at a particular fast speed though. It’s a brilliant place to go to, highly recommended.

“3 little ducks went swimming one day, over the hills and far away…”

Porridge with almond milk, and half a banana

I read about these yummy llapingachos and decided they’d be a good picnic food. They are essentially mashed potato latkahs with cheese and onion filling.  I made them first thing and had one just to check they were good. A bit too salty due to a misunderstanding of the recipe but good.

Lunch (out)

Sandwich made with tuna mayo (too much mayo) cucumber and salad leaves. 2 llapingachos


Afternoon snacks (on way home, 4pm ish)

Clementine, carrots, breadstick, the rest of llapingachos (minus a few Lovely Husband had)

More afternoon snacks

Picked at pasta while kids having their supper


Salmon and mixed greens.

First thing this morning I woke up early, and bizarrely everyone else was still asleep so I crept downstairs and did a bit of Pilates before I was disturbed.

I can’t really think straight. Tomorrow is a potentially rainy afternoon so I need to have a plan of action. Thankfully my cleaner is coming in the morning.  G-d bless cleaners. Night night.