It’s fun trying to sum up my day in a snappy title.  

As I was with the kids all day, there aren’t many pictures (not of food anyway!) H was at camp in the morning and I took R&M to rollerskate. In the afternoon we took the Overground into London and visited the Tate Modern.


2 slices of wholemeal toast, one friedegg, fried small red onion, button mushrooms

Went to park and watched the kids rollerskating (their very generous Uncle gave them each a pair for their birthdays) It looked really fun. I’m considering getting myself a pair also, so I could skate with them and not just sit on the side lines.  


Egg mayo sandwich with carrots

Afternoon snacks 

(at Tate Modern)  Apple cinnamon mini rice cakes (The whole bag was 160 kcal and it was shared, maybe I had half maximum). 

Carrots – having bags of peeled cut up carrots is seeming to be my go to snack on outings to stop me eating the crackers etc. I had some while out and then more at home while they ate supper. I also had half a slice of mozzarella but it wasn’t very nice.

(While cooking supper) the most delicious perfectly ripe avocado and two kiwis


Classic English Summer Day in August. Grey, overcast and raining. What could be better than leek and potato soup?

I am forcing myself to be in photos with the children as I realise I’m so rarely in them (because I take most of our family pictures. But I want evidence that I have been places with them and so yestrday and today asked a stranger to take a group shot.  My thoughts on the photos are that everyone looks really happy and that they are having a good time, but that this will be my before pictures. I really can’t stand what I look like in them.  I felt like this last year when there were a few pictures Lovely Husband took when we went away for a week. I hated what I liked like in those pictures too and I look the same now.  I really hope that by next summer I’ll look different and that there will be photos of me with my children that I will like looking at in the future in general.