As I already mentioned, we were all awake at 5 when H decided to start his day. “I’ll just go downstairs Mummy and get some breakfast”. I don’t think so. So the day started very tired.

Previously I would have turned to something sweet and carby to get me through the day, maybe pancakes, or several bowls of cereal, or toast with margarine, and then later crisps, biscuits, chocolate etc. But I genuinely didn’t want any of that. I knew it would make me feel worse, and I made this unusual omelette for Tired Lovely Husband and I for breakfast (leek, apple, mozzarella – really inspired, I highly recommend adding a chopped apple to omelettes!)

Because we were all up so early we were able to fit in going to Sainsbury’s before dropping the early riser (H) at his camp. Now nicely stocked up with fruit and veg, which were running rather low! Hurrah!

My Wonderful Parents (my Mum says I sound like Bridget Jones, if only I had her weight problems!) Had R&M so I could go to Zumba this morning. I don’t know if I didn’t try as hard, although I thought I did, but I didn’t find it as hard as usual. Amazingly I felt less tired afterwards than I did first thing.

After Zumba snack – banana, plain Greek yoghurt with sweetener

Lunch at parents – gefilte fish, roasted veg, carrots and smoked salmon

We spotted these interesting looking snacks in the kosher shop nearby.

I had half of one. It was nice, but not worth £1.49!!!! 

My children made these with my Dad.

Not worth crossing the street for.

Later afternoon snack, 2 hard boiled eggs

Supper – homemade burger, courgetti made with my trusty peeler and real spaghetti, oh and a squirt of ketchup. And that is the photos are helpful because I’d have forgotten about the ketchup otherwise.

I must sleep now and hope for a later start tomorrow! 

Thank you all for your lovely comments and likes. Please keep them coming as I’m finding them really motivating.  Good night.