Breakfast – 2 weetabix and almond milk

Lunch – chicken sandwich and carrots

Afternoon snacks – banana, 2 boiled eggs, prunes (loving my prunes)
Supper – about 10 meatballs, ketchup, banana

I wasn’t exactly sure on my plans for today. H was at camp in morning my Wonderful Mummy and Marvellous MIL took R&M out this morning and I went to visit my sister and niece. Since I wasn’t sure what we were going to do, I brought a packed lunch with, which worked out very well. Then because I had had meat for lunch, when after collecting H  and we met up with everyone else in a pizza shop, there was no temptation for me. (Due to kashrus laws of not eating meat and milk together there is a waiting period after meat before you can eat milk).

I  then had a  very busy afternoon being a good Mummy, doing crafts (I can’t believe I agreed to paper mache, and actually made glue from flour and water, so not my sort of thing but surprisingly easy) and then I mowed the lawn and trimmed the hedge. Power tools are very fun.

By supper time I actually was so hungry that I was very cross and grumpy, (I believe hangry is the correct term?) My initial thoughts of making a risotto just took too long and I ate about 10 meatballs (made yesterday at Anne time as burger) dipped in ketchup and a banana. I cooked some peas but by the time they were cooked, I wasn’t really interested any more. 

Oh, and as per my previous post, I have  done the first day of the blogilates 28 Day Ab challenge a go along with the children. They get really excited to do exercises on my Pilates mat. Maybe because they know it is Mummy’s Matt, it seems exciting? Anyway we all had a turn doing 28 Single Leg Lifts, or something like that.

My house is completely upside down at the moment, but my children seem essentially happy and I am well fed and exercised. I mustn’t beat myself up that I can’t do everything. There’s only One who can do everything, and the last time I checked, I’m not Him.
It is so much easier to say that than to actually believe it.

Until next time…