Breakfast – 2 weetabix and almond milk

Snack while cooking. Carrots

Lunch – roll with margarine and Marmite and salad leaves, half avocado watermelon (photo x2)

Afternoon snack- beetroot, carrot, biscuit for Shabbos

Shabbos plan – tonight


Chicken, potatoes, carrot, onion, courgette

Tomorrow plan – 

Breakfast – Cereal with almond milk, fruit, greek yogurt

Lunch – challah, salmon, chicken, salad, roasted peppers, roasted beetroot,

I plan to have a biscuit for dessert
Shalosh seudos – repeat of lunch plus carrots which I have peeled already

I may have a smooze at some point, and will try and keep portion sizes sensible.

With its under foot, this post is a bit business like, not so much commentary! I will report back on how I. Thanks for holding me accountable dear readers!

Good Shabbos