I didn’t want to write this blog. It’s easy to write when it’s all going well and I want to boast about how brilliantly I’m doing and how healthy my meals and snacks have been. Today hasn’t been like that. I’ve eaten too much. I’ve eaten the wrong things and I’m really cross with myself for doing so. I ate because I was bored. I ate just because. I ate because I was fed up of looking after little children. All really really stupid reasons to eat. But I did anyway.  But the purpose of this blog is accountability and I’m going to hope that after I post this, I’ll have some lovely supportive and encouraging comments below. Thank you in advance.

So, last night

After a tiny sip of grape juice for kiddush and a piece of Challa it was time for R to go to bed, before we would have our main course. Big mistake. Lovely Husband took him up and I was left downstairs with the Challa….. I ate several more slices while I was waiting. Really silly because I knew I’d be having a good supper in not very long, but because I’d been looking after the kids all day I hadn’t eaten so much in the afternoon and was really hungry. Then when main course actually happened, (chicken thigh, roasted new potatoes, carrots, courgette, onion) I decided to have seconds. I knew I didn’t need it, but it was yummy.  I felt so uncomfortable and bloated afterwards. I haven’t felt like that after a meal for a long time. In the past I’d have had the thigh and leg twice, last night just thigh.

It was still less than I’d have eaten in the past, but it was more than I’ve been eating recently and just unnecessary.



Cheekful of grape juice for kiddush, 2 weetabix with almond milk, watermelon

After breakfast my children have a little nosh party (“Shabbos party”). They have to have a healthy breakfast first. I had planned to have my yoghurt while they were eating as it is very hard to watch them eat and not have anything, but because I’d eaten so much last night I wanted to make up for it. But stupidly I tried just one crisp, which turned into-

Half a bag of crisps



half a piece of salmon, pickles, roasted peppers

A chicken leg, salad (mixed greens, roasted beetroot, mushroom)

White Chocolate liqueur

1 biscuit

Afternoon bored snacking

2 bags popcorners, more biscuits, more chocolate liqueur, banana, a bag of salted caramel nakd bits, 3 chicken legs, prunes

Shalosh seudos

Matzah (trying to make up for it), meatballs, ketchup,

Later on 

Finished off the biscuits, bowl of muesli with almond milk.

Having written it down, in the scheme of what I’ve eaten in the past it really doesn’t look so terrible, but I feel like it wasn’t good and that I didn’t keep to my plan. As I wrote above, I’m cross and disappointed with myself. Yes, I was at home all day with children who at times were being difficult, but that’s a really stupid rubbish reason to eat like I did. There was healthy food available and I just didn’t choose to eat it. I just didn’t feel like it.

Tomorrow is a new day.