I’m feeling much better than when I posted yesterday. Thank you all for your supportive messages and comments. They truly mean a great deal to me.

The morning was another one that started earlier than I wanted. (Doesn’t H know it is the summer holiday and the rest of us don’t want to get up at 6?) The answer? M and I did day 3 of the Abs challenge (a 28 second hand plank) because she insisted (I refused to play catch up and do more than one day at a time though, we will just do the 28 days at our own pace) and then…

Breakfast in the garden!- porridge with almond milk

  1. Morning snack – banana, Greek yoghurt with sweetener, (pre park) carrot, multi grain crackers with mozzarella cheese (at park)

While I was doing the clearing up from Shabbos, Lovely Husband took the children to the park. When I’d finished I went to join them. Since they took the car, this meant a walk for me. About 15 minutes at a fairly brisk pace and carrying a heavy rucksack laden with drinks and snacks for all.

We played frisbee which I was surprised at how much I could run about doing. In general, I am noticing that although the numbers on the scales are not all that different from other times in my life, I am feeling so much fitter. I am able to run at a decent speed for a little while without feeling like I’m going to die. This is really amazing. I like feeling like this, it makes me really motivated when I can feel the difference. It makes me wonder what I will be like when I’ve lost 5-6 stones.

I really hesitated with the last sentence, should I write “I wonder what I would be like if I lost 5-6 stones.” Or as above…

Let’s look up! Blue skies! 

Lunch – corn tortilla, with salmon, salad, beetroot, mushroom, avocado 

In the afternoon we went to my MIL. She’ll be going away and lent my husband her car while she’s away. She is always the consummate hostess and had bought filled bagels and biscuits for us. Although my kids ate 3 bagels each (!) I didn’t have any. It was only 3pm, I really didn’t need anything!

I didn’t eat these.

On returning home I did eat 2 of these little clementines.  Then later on (6pm) 

Yoghurt and sweetener. Surprisingly creamy. And about a tenth of the price of Greek ones. And on special offer down the road from me. You may be seeing a lot more of these little fellas.

From last Friday until next Sunday is a period in the Jewish calendar of mourning for the destroyed Temple in Jerusalem and the Jewish People’s continued exile. (To find out more Aish have plenty of info) But of pertinent interest to this blog is that one of the ways this mourningis demonstrated is that we do not eat meat during this time (except on Shabbos). So this evening I made a vegetarian chilli, which I had on two pieces of toast. (I learnt that you cannot rush dried beans, I usually use tinned but had run out….They really do take a long time to cook and were slightly crunchy still).

I’m feeling so much better than I did yesterday when I wrote my post. I clearly need a better plan for next Shabbos. Not just food, but also what we’re going to do for the day a bit more structured. Perhaps some better reading material for me, and/or a walk before lunch. I welcome suggestions of how to make the day work better.

I’ll finish off with a photo. These are growing in my front garden now. I lost the seed packet so I don’t know what they are called, but I think they are just lovely (The purpley one is a Hebe, and I love the orange purple contrast).