So I did something very monumental today. I rode a bike.

Now this may not sound particularly exciting to must people but until this afternoon I thought that I didn’t know how to ride a bike. My parents didn’t let me learn as a child as they thought it was too dangerous (I only very recently found out my father had a friend who was killed riding a bike).  One summer when I was maybe 6 or 7, my grandparents (secretly) taught me how to ride, and I occasionally rode (secretly) after that at a friend’s house. But then I didn’t again.  When I was a teenager I was on a school trip and there was a bike ride. I couldn’t do it, maybe it was the pressure of the situation but I didn’t remember how. It was quite embarrassing at the time but I figured that although everyone says, “You don’t forget, it’s like riding a bike.” I had in fact forgotten. 

It’s one of those curious facts about me that come up in conversation occasionally that I can’t ride a bike, like I’m allergic to apples.  So today I took R&M to Battersea Park, after rowing a boat for about 20 minutes (and them doing a pedalo for about 30 minutes) we came across a bike hire place with recumbent bikes. I really didn’t fancy a recumbent bike (the kids had a blast) but when I saw they had regular bikes also, for some reason I decided to give it a go.  And what do you know? I could just do it! As they say, it is like riding a bike! And it was such fun! I rode for around 45 minutes, stopping and starting with the kids but it was brilliant. My Lovely Husband has been trying to get me to get a bike for ages and I think that the battle may have been won. Now we’ll have to work out how to transport 5 bikes on our car…..

So aside from lots of walking, rowing and cycling, I also did some eating. Here’s what I had:

Breakfast – porridge and almond milk and a small sprinkling of cinnamon sugar

Morning snack before boating – one and a half clementines

Lunch by the Thames, before cycling – 2 wraps, one with salmon and salad, the other with hummus and salad, carrots, prunes

Snack on train on the way home – a few snacker crackers, maybe 3-4, a carrot

Supper – veggie burger, baked beans, pasta, baby corn

I was still feeling hungry (maybe because tired, we were out for over 8 hours!) I measured 50g squirty cream and 17g muesli…. It was really delicious. 

But still hungry, I decided to have one of the bagels from yesterday, but it really wasn’t that great so I didn’t finish it.

Instead I made myself another wrap, this time with beetroot and salad leaves.

I am just so physically tired. But I feel so proud of myself for getting on the bike and having a go.

As an outing, Battersea Park is very good. There’s the boating lake, bike hire, beautiful fountains and gardens, a fab playground, go ape (which we didn’t do), nice toilets, probably some other bits that we didn’t see also. Big thanks to my parents for having H so I could do a full day outing with the older ones. 

And I made good food choices. I was thinking as we were having lunch how my children do not expect junk food when we go out on an outing. Because we can’t buy food out in most places (due to kashrus) we can only have what we bring with. The fact that we bring veg and fruit and sandwiches and water is just normal for them. They don’t have the association that outing means eating junk food, and I’m so pleased about that.  I hope they don’t feel deprived, but I don’t think they do.

I must go to sleep now, my body is so exhausted and I’m fairly sure I’m going to ache tomorrow.