Breakfast – H turned down the breakfast he requested (yoghurt with prunes) so I ate mine and his. The Plain yogurts I recently taste of cream. Do you think they may have had a mix up and accidentally sold cream as yoghurt? I hope not!

Mid morning snack – tiny clementine

Lunch – mixed green leaves, avocado, haddock, steamed baby new potatoes. This was such a brilliant combination.

I was really hungry so used my bigger plate. 

In the afternoon I went to my parents. R made biscuits with my Dad and I tried one. It was very nice!

I snacked on a banana and carrots.

When my kids were having supper, I picked a bit and had a piece of salmon and some pickles.

M had also done some baking so I tried a piece of her cake also.

When I came home I had some more yoghurt. Then made a very light supper after all that snacking. Just haddock and mixed greens.

I feel like I should do some exercise this evening, but I haven’t decided what.

Another day done! I don’t think I should eat any more, but could definitely do with a drink or two (non alcoholic!) and an early night.