I didn’t fancy porridge today. Instead I had yoghurt with banana and then scrambled egg with baked beans.

A mid morning snack of ryvita fruit crunch with peanut butter

Lunch was very disappointing. I’d had a fairly off duty morning as H was at his penultimate day of camp and M went to a little mini camp that two of our neighbour’s daughters were running. Then when M came back but before H did I put together lunch. However there wasn’t actually time to eat it until we had collected H.

A small bit of leftover salmon from last night, Israeli couscous and red chard. The red chard was “not to my taste”, as I was taught to say as a child. I really couldn’t bring myself to eat it and just ate the couscous and salmon. I need to do some shopping, the fridge and veg trolley are looking rather Old Mother Hubbard like, so I didn’t have any other easy veg to have. Instead I had 4 kiwis.

Followed by the daily camp baking offering… Terrific cupcake (we each had this size piece plus a similar sized piece without icing).

In the afternoon I made chocolate rice krispies with H for his upcoming Upsherin.

I have bizarrely not been tempted at all by the 5 bars of milk chocolate sitting on my counter the last few days, waiting to be made into chocolate rice krispies. But while breaking them up for melting, I almost felt obligated to eat a few. I ate 6 pieces of chocolate. They were nice but not outstanding and I really don’t know why I felt the need to eat them. I later weighed 6 squares of chocolate and it was only 21g of chocolate. Not excessive at all. But it was really more than enough. How have I become someone who finds 6 squares of chocolate enough? Or even (dare I say it?) too much or even unnecessary?

During the kids supper I ate a few chips (maximum 5 or 6, McCain’s 5% oven chips). I purposefully made just the right number of fish fingers so I wouldn’t be able to eat any.

For our supper I fried up several onions and some mushrooms, microwaved jacket potatoes and had two very thin slices of mozzarella on top. I feel like the picture makes it look much cheesier than it was! There were really masses of onions and mushrooms!

I haven’t done much exercise today apart from a five minute walk up and down the hill that is my road to collect M from her camp. So while doing my Tesco order this evening I decided to try to do some leg exercises. They weren’t quite as easy as I thought they would be and had to stop putting in my order. Lovely Husband even called upstairs to check I was ok, as clearly I sounded like I was in pain! All in a good cause! Stronger muscles and online shopping at the same time. That’s what I call multitasking.

Today WordPress informed me that I have got over 50 followers and have had over 1000 views on my pages! Wow! I’m quite amazed by that! Thank you for reading my blog and giving me encouragement, I really do appreciate it.