Breakfast – plain yoghurt, sweetener, banana, prunes, yum. This is a surprisingly filling breakfast. 

Morning snack while cooking – 2 boiled eggs, 2 small pieces of biscuit (twice the size of photo).

Lunch – banana, wholemeal roll (Challa dough) with tuna and pickles, carrots

Afternoon snacks – 2 clementines, 4 pieces nkd cocoa orange bits (when feeling a bit exasperated with arguing children, I felt like I needed a boost of something),a couple of pieces of pasta.

Shabbos plans –


Challa, chicken, roast new potatoes, carrots, courgette, butternut squash. I may have a glass of wine as Lovely Husband came home from work with a bottle of Canaan Red, which in the past I’ve liked. It will only be a small one though as I have zero alcohol tolerance! That or a chocolate liqueur.

This is one of those very quick quick meals to make. Relies on bags of frozen veg, I really like the Tesco chantenay carrots as they look fancier than regular ones. All poured into a roaster, chicken pieces on top, bit of curry powder, in the oven. Just a few minutes prep time. Delicious. New potatoes don’t need peeling like big potatoes do, so also reduced prep time.



Cereal, either raisin wheats or weetabix with almond milk, yoghurt, fruit



Salmon starter, pickles, (cucumber and tomatoes for everyone else)

Chicken, pasta, green salad, sweetcorn salad

Swedish glace vanilla ice cream – I plan to have a portion.

Shalosh seudos

Matzah, salmon, salad

To make this Shabbos better, I’ve borrowed some books to read, and arranged to go over to a friend in the afternoon. This should help with mindless snacking (and be enjoyable!). I imagine I will snack a buit but haven’t planned what exactly.

Tisha b’Av

From motzei shabbos (Saturday night when shabbos ends) it is a fast day, Tisha b’Av. It is a day to commemorate and mourn the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem. This is from about 8.30pm on Saturday until after 9pm on Sunday. As such, I won’t be posting again probably until Monday. Over shabbos I plan to make sure I’m fully hydrated to go into the fast and afterwards I’ll probably just have something light like a bowl of cereal and lots to drink.

Good shabbos all!