…that you can’t move off the chair to go to bed? That’s how I feel right now. 

This afternoon I went to Ruislip Lido with the kids and my Dad. It is a lake with a man made beach, playground etc. Absolutely fabulous, completely free, a brilliant day out. But oh my, I am so tired, my eyes are closing but I want to record what I ate today first.

Breakfast – weetabix and almond milk

And then just to prove my point, I fell asleep in the middle of writing the post! I’m feeling much more rested after a good night’s sleep. Now I will continue where I left off!

Morning snack – banana

Lunch – salad made from all the shabbos leftovers (mixed greens, mushrooms. Sweetcorn, avocado, tomato, pomegranate, pasta, chicken).

I actually made myself a sandwich when I was making for everyone else, but then decided I didn’t want one and that I wanted a salad instead. I’m really glad I made that decision, it was much healthier and more delicious too.

Afternoon snacks – 3 clementines (instead of a nkd bar), pasta (at children’s supper time)

Supper – It was our 10th wedding anniversary today. We will go out to do something more another day but we did get a Chinese takeaway from Met Su Yan to celebrate. Starter we had a mixed hors d’oeuvres (spring rolls, seaweed, ribs, chicken satay, chicken sesame toast), for main – duck with mango and sesame broccoli, dessert – we shared a chocolate volcano. I ordered other things as well but just had a taste of Peking lamb, which was way too sweet, and additional vegetables but I was too full.

This was a really interesting meal slimming-wise because I felt like it was a real treat which it was, but actually it wasn’t that bad.  No not bad, unhealthy. No food is “good” or “bad”, there is healthy and unhealthy food, but this labeling of food as “bad” I think is actually really unhelpful, leads to guilt, and that tends to lead to eating more. Anyway, onto the food. I didn’t photograph it, sorry! But I did enjoy it (and Lovely Husband’s company).

I only had one spring roll as I didn’t actually feel the need for the second one, and I didn’t order any rice or noodles which I would have previously. The quantities I ate were so reduced from what I previously would have had when ordering a takeaway. At the end I felt so stuffed. But not in such a way that I actually felt pain from eating so much. I had eaten too much, but it was mostly vegetables (really good broccoli actually). And we shared a dessert as well which was really enough.  

I’m about to weigh myself and hope that it is going to be a good result!