Yesterday was H’s 3rd birthday! Happy birthday! I had thought we’d have another big day out but the children wanted to stay home. We made birthday cake for him and I ate way way too much mixture. Victoria sponge mixture is irresistible. Meals otherwise were good.


Yogurt and muesli


Then the cake mixture followed….

And then a cake (but just a little one)


 Snacks – banana, prunes, this is the danger of leaving my food diary until the next day. I don’t remember whether there were other snacks or what they were. If there were, they were real healthy food.

Today we went to Diggerland in Kent. Another fab outing. And I wore a maxi dress that when I bought it I thought it wasn’t flattering and tbh it could have been more flattering but I definitely liked better than I remembered, and hence I decided to wear it for the first time. NSV!!! (Non scale victory).

Breakfast – yoghurt, banana, raisins

Lunch – sandwich (wholemeal bread, cream cheese, cucumber, salad leaves), carrots

Snacks – banana, prunes, Turkey slices, pineapple

Supper – portion size was a bit too large but I ate it all anyway. Salmon, pasta, green beans, carrot

I need to continue recording my food as when I don’t do it that day I am liable to forget.

Really interestingly M asked me why I was taking a picture of my unhealthy food too (the cupcake) as they do notice me photoing my food. I try to avoid talking to the children about being overweight or use the F word (fat). I couched it in terms of that if my body feels unhealthy then I can identify why, and not pretend I have only been having healthy food. I much prefer taking about healthy and unhealthy, rather than fattening, bad food. I want to try and prevent them thinking about being fat or food being naughty, rather that we should eat healthy food and be active to be stronger.  Maybe it sounds silly as the world out there is talking about skinny/thin/fat/obese, but I can only try. Positive body image is so important, and surely this is something that starts really early?