Erev Shabbos food diary

Breakfast (overflowing porridge….)

Morning snacks

Unfortunately the mango had gone fizzy so I only had a few pieces.

Lunch – a very quick easy go to lunch, potato, cottage cheese,  pickles, carrot

Afternoon snack – a boiled egg, chocolate chip cookie dough

(All shabbos food photos taken before shabbos obviously)

Friday night


Chicken (one thigh) with lots of onions, carrots, courgette, mushrooms, a small number of roast potatoes

(These were the veg under the chicken before cooking it)

Shabbos day

Breakfast – grape juice, raisin wheats and almond milk



Salmon (about a quarter of this piece) and pickles

 chicken breast (one piece)


I ate more couscous than I thought I would because unfortunately most of my salad-y  leaves had gone weird in the fridge, so I did make a salad with a little bit of spinach, some sweetcorn and avocado.


I shared a chocolate chip cookie with Lovely Husband, and also had some pineapple.

Afternoon snack – another cookie, a few additional chocolate chips

Shalosh seudos – matza, cottage cheese, pickles

Reading snack – bowl of muesli with full fat milk

After shabbos went out I iced H’s birthday cake for tomorrow’s Upsherin, and also one for my Grandma’s upcoming birthday. I would have shared a picture of his tzitzis cake (just to show off really!) But it has his name on it. Maybe I can work out how to blur that part. This is Grandma’s cake though.

I tasted the icing to check it was good, but not excessively.

Not the best day food wise, but not awful. Could do better.  Tomorrow will be challenging as we’re making an Upsherin (3 rd birthday party when boys traditionally get their first haircut) for H. But I have got healthy options planned as well as not.  Hopefully my guests will eat all the nosh and not leave me anything leftover!
Thanks for all your supportive and lovely comments, I really appreciate them all.